Insightful Testing

To test, or not to test, that is the choice: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the rigors of requirements-based testing or to freshly apply contexts to our thinking and by awareness prevail? Sure, we make choices in our testing practices leveraging our prior experiences and training on the discipline. How we understand ourselves in the engagement of making choices about testing is essential to fully developing your ninja skills as a tester. Beyond your typical learning about exploratory, risk-based and session-based testing techniques, this session will seek to help you take three steps into a more complete understanding of your decision-making as a tester.

  • Step one: test choices guided by externally defined influences like models, techniques, tools guided by Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Step two: test choices based on our conscious, internally defined influences and intentions in the fashion of Star Trek.
  • Step three: test choices based on our awareness of subconscious, intuitively defined motivation at the mercy of a spinning cat.
Special thanks to the good people of the Ministry of Testing and Software Testing Club for hosting TestBash in Brighton, UK and inviting me to present at their awesome event!