The Art of Performance Analysis

I am very happy to ask you to join me for a pre-conference tutorial on "The Art of Performance Analysis" at the upcoming CAST 2014 conference in New York City, New York. In the past few weeks I've had a great time teaching this workshop at different conferences; each time receiving more feedback and updates to the class.

Abstract: It's typical that newcomers to performance and load testing getting the basics of test scripting and execution mastered in a few months and then can provide value to your project and company by simply delivering test results. However, if that's where your skills suddenly end and other engineers seem disconnected from your efforts, it's time for you to learn more about performance analysis and remediation. The real purpose and value of your work is making improvements and driving change to the technology and the company through the extension of your performance test results.  In this workshop you will learn how to take the next steps with your performance testing skills by learning new techniques for advanced performance analysis, deep-dives into bottlenecks, and proving out the remedies to the problems you've identified.

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